2024 Swim Team volunteer requirement

Greater Seattle Summer Swim League is a parent and volunteer run organization. NPSC requires a volunteer commitment from each swim team family of at least 11 hours of volunteer service for the 2024 summer season or 2 hours for speedy sixer only families for the 2024 season.

Anyone may fulfill volunteer hours (nanny, grandparents, child over 13 years old upon approval, etc) but they must be signed up under the families account to get the credit. Prior worked volunteer hours cannot be donated to another family. Prior to each volunteer shift, the volunteer must sign in at the pool.

If a volunteer shift that is already signed up for, and the volunteer sign up window has closed, it is the members responsibility to find a replacement volunteer. If a member does not show up for a volunteer shift that they signed up for, there is a penalty fee of $100 per occurrence.

If families do not perform these hours, they will be charged $50 for each hour the family is short at the end of the season.

For any extenuating circumstance in completing volunteer hours for the year, it is the members responsibility to contact the swim team coordinators for assistance. Communication with the coordinators must be done to first meet or asap for any unexpected life event.


Our volunteers are an important and valued part of our NPSC swim team family and play a key role to help home swim meets run smoothly.  We cannot host meets without the help of our swim team families.  If your child participates on the swim team, it is mandatory that each family sign up to volunteer at least 11 hours during the season.

Please sign up for your volunteer jobs for the season here: Volunteer Sign Ups

VOLUNTEER JOBS: Below are the specific ways you can volunteer.

  • Swim Meet Announcer – Welcomes and introduces teams, coaches, officials, calls events up.
  • Starter – Starts event after announcer calls, commands swimmers, begins race.
  • Head Timer* – Coordinates timers for home meets, instructs and assigns timers to lanes, assists with lane judging.
  • Lane Timers – Three per lane; time and record swimmers times. Two shifts.
  • Meet Referee & Stroke and Turn Judges* – Observes starts, swims, turns and finishes.
  • Ribbon – Sets up ribbon supplies, labels them and sorts them for opposing team & into GSSC ribbons box.
  • Data Checker– Sets up the meet file exchange, formats meet line-up, prints off heat sheets before/during the meet and enter race information during the meet.
  • Snack Shack & BBQ – Group of parents to prepare and sell food/beverages in concessions during home meets/matches.
  • Runners – Distributes and collects timers’ heat sheets during the meets. (2 per meet needed)
  • Stagger – Stages swim meet and assist office personnel as needed throughout meet.
  • Set up/tear down – Help set up the meet or help clean up and put away equipment.

Jobs that are starred require prior experience or training.  If you are interested in these positions, please contact our swim team coordinators or ask during a meet.

Future Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for interested volunteers to shadow these individuals to learn the positions for future years.  If interested please contact our swim coordinators or ask during a meet.

  • Computer Coordinator & Date Entry Volunteers – Sets up the meet file exchange, formats meet line-up, prints off heat sheets before/during the meet and enter race information during the meet.

Our swim team coordinators can be contacted here: swimteamcoordinator@normandyparksharks.com

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