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After a couple COVID summers, a more normal pool season is upon us. It started with a great Primero de Mayo party and we hope that set the tone for the summer! I’m so excited to welcome everyone back to the best summer spot in South Seattle! I’m looking forward to seeing you down at the pool this season. I have a special bond to this place that started when I was 5. From taking lessons from our former manager and many of the members who are still around today, to years of swim team and meets, teaching lessons, coaching, and now managing, I can’t imagine a world without this place. I hope you’re all ready to continue making memories and building on the legacy and traditions we have, at some point, all been a part of.


Opening Day
Join us this Friday, May 6 for opening day! Pool will be open 5:00-9:00pm, Frito Banditos on tap until we run out ($5 Bandito and a drink, vegan option), fully stocked snacks at the Shark Shack!

Spring Schedule (through June 19th):

•11:00-12:00 Lap Swim
•12:00-9:00 Open Swim (shared during Lap Swim, lanes 1-3)
•7:00-8:00 Lap Swim (lanes 4-6)

Weekdays* (beginning May 9th)
•3:00-5:00 Swim Team Practice
•5:00-8:00 (9:00) Open Swim (shared during Lap Swim, lanes 1-3)
•7:00-8:00 Lap Swim (lanes 4-6)
*Pool is open until 9:00 on Fridays

New Members
Welcome! We are pumped to have you joining the NP family! Check out our new website for all pool rules, policies, and procedures here. https://normandyparksharks.com/about/pool-rules/

Please know that the safety and comfort of all members is our top priority. Please help us to maintain the following long standing rules:

•The POOL TEST consists of swimming 50 yards (2 lengths) of the pool and treading water for 5 minutes. Ask any Lifeguard to give your child the pool test. We will take a picture of them to post in the office and put their name on a list that will be posted on the bulletin board. The POOL TEST is for swimmers 10 and under and must be taken each season.

•If your child has NOT passed the POOL TEST, they should NOT be left unattended in the water and can not be in the deep end without an adult accompanying them.

•We can’t emphasize enough that if your child cannot swim, you must keep your eyes on them. If a child starts to struggle, we would expect the parent to see it happen first.

•We want your children to learn to swim. Swimming is a skill that can save lives. Water Wings, lifejackets, and other flotation devices are NOT allowed at the pool, except on special occasions. Your kids will learn to swim quickly and become more confident in their abilities without them.

 As you are using our wonderful amenities and interacting with our staff, please remember that nearly all of our employees are kids and this is likely their first venture into the working world. Treat them the way you would like others to treat your children if they were in the same position. Be respectful of their time and promptly exit the facility when the pool has closed for the evening.

•No running on the pool deck, no climbing over, diving over, sitting on, or jumping off the baby pool wall.

Should you need any further information, please check our website and the rule board for the full list of pool rules.

Other General Facility Rules
•Remember that glassware is NOT allowed on the pool grounds. If you have bottles, please keep them in your cooler and pour them into a cup. If you need a cup, ask the Shark Shack, they will have some on hand.

•The second story deck is limited to ages 10 and over only. The stairs are steep and we want to maintain the safety of everyone at the pool.

•The parking lot is a ONE WAY street. Please enter near the cove side and exit on the Snake Hill side. Kids are bound to be walking (or running) to their cars or over to the Cove, please drive SLOWLY.

Take pride and ownership in our beautiful facility and clean up after yourself. When you vacate your table or lounge area, please pick up any trash that may have accumulated during your visit. If you moved a lounge chair, please return it to its home. We have disinfectant wipes and paper towels available in the office if you need to wipe anything down.

See you on deck!

Pool Manager

Dear NPSC Associate Members,

We wanted to send out a few reminders before the pool opens on May 6th.

Please Upload Your Photos!

This year we will be requiring member photos upon check in.  You will not be allowed entry to the pool without a photo.  Please update your membership prior to opening day.  Many of you are still without pictures in your accounts.  We are asking that you use a REAL picture of each individual family member.

We would like to remind associate members of the policy/guidelines with their children:

  • Children under 25 who are living at home can use the pool with a guest pass, but need not be with the Associate Member.

  • Children under 25 who are living at home may bring no more than two guests who also need to pay.

  • Children that are over the age of 25 need to be WITH the associate member to use the pool.

  • Children of Associate Members cannot be listed on the membership.

Board Members will be in the office on April 30th during the work party and on opening day May 6th if you need help with your account.

Play Structure Fundraising:

Our beloved play structure is an important part of our pool community.  Unfortunately, the existing play structure is no longer safe and has been torn down.  If you would like to donate to our new play structure, you may do so by using the following link:  https://normandyparksharks.com/sample-blog-post-one/

If you prefer to mail a donation check directly to us, please send your check to our PO Box.  When writing your check, please let us know this is a donation for the play structure in the check notes.

Normandy Park Swim Club

PO Box 66032

Seattle, WA 98166

Holly Wisen

NPSC Membership Coordinator

Swim Team Families,

Swim team practices start the week of May 9th for all kids 7 and up.  Please see the swim team tab of our web page for the practice schedule.  Speedy Sixers will start practice May 26.  All swimmers must be registered before start practice.  Please note that registration is through a different website and requires a separate account.

We are excited to have Jack Fenster and Kyra Goodspeed back as our coaches this year.  Ellie Kawaguchi will be assisting with the 8U and 10U age groups.  Our speedy coaches are Addie Wisen, Anna Lauinger, and Olivia Wade.

The Greater Seattle Summer Swim League (governing organization for our swim team)  have made updates to their operating plan and bylaws for this season. The first is around gender inclusion.  The following was voted in and added to the bylaws:

GSSSL supports athletes of all genders, including transgender and non-binary athletes. Member teams must operate in compliance with the league’s Gender-Inclusion Athlete Policy and will use the Gender-Inclusion Athlete Procedures as they determine how to best provide gender-inclusive programming for their team. Teams should distribute guidelines for their pools to all division member teams at the start of the season. The Gender-Inclusion policy will be outlined in the league’s operating plan. Any changes to the policy must be voted on by the league at the spring meeting and presented to teams at least six weeks prior to the meeting.

The proposed policy did not pass, so as a league, we will be operating under the WIAA policy which allows athletes to participate in the programs consistent with their gender identity. It stated in the GSSSL bylaws that unless we have our own policy, we default to WIAA.

If your swimmer identifies as transgender or non-binary, please reach out to the swim team coordinators so we can adjust the gender setting to best fit your swimmer.

The other changes were related to allowing winter practices and children of head coaches and club managers to participate in swim team without being members of a club.  You can read the full bylaws and operating plan on the GSSSL website.

We’re excited to kick off another season, Go Sharks!

Mindy & Katie
Swim Team Coordinators

We are looking forward to another great season of summer swim swim team!  As we prepare to hire coaches for the spring and summer, we’d welcome anyone interested to send a resume or questions to swimteamcoordinators@normandyparksharks.com.

The minimum requirements are:

Swim Team & Speedy Sixer Coaches

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Desire and skill in working with youth swimmers of all ability levels ages 5 and 18
  •  Hard-working active coaching style to engage youth and develop our team
  • Skills in coaching and motivating athletes; effective communication, organizing activities and giving instructions.
  • Ability to communicate with youth swimmers and parents
  • Possess valid lifeguard credentials, Red Cross CPR and First Aid, SafeSports Training
  • Consent to a background check (or have parental consent for Speedy Coaches)

    *Speedy Sixer Coaches – ideally a junior or senior in high school working with kids aged 5-6

2/15/22 Sharkbyte | It’s time to pay 2022 Normandy Park Swim Club dues

We are busy at work getting the pool ready for summer.  First order of business, collecting dues.  Paying your dues will look a little different his year as we have implemented a member management software to assist our front desk run more smoothly.  After we iron out a few kinks, this will pull together our membership payments, guest fees, email accounts, member information and much more.

To start, please bookmark our new website: https://normandyparksharks.com.

Once bookmarked – visit the new page, log in and review your account.  Even though we worked hard to clean our records and import all of your existing account data into the new system, we know there is outdated and missing data.  The system allows you to update the information only at this time, including individual member photos.  **Please be sure you are using a jpg format for photo upload.
As part of our move to digitization, our forms are now digital.  In addition to an emergency contact name and phone, we are requiring two forms – COVID release and photo release for 2022.  These are currently set up 1 per adult on the account and both need to be completed before you can pay dues.

Once you have completed this please go and pay your dues by selecting the “here” link in the banner on your account.  This will walk you through paying your dues online.

If you need help logging in, please see below and if you need further help, please contact webmaster@normandyparksharks.com

Instructions to log into your new account:

  • Logging In: Visit https://normandyparksharks.com/ and click on the Login link at the top of the page.
    • Your Username: << Test Account Login >>  could be your primary member email address (try both adults if one doesn’t work).  If not, it will be lastname_address#
    • Your Temporary Password: normandypark*IMPORTANT: You will see a reminder when you log in that you are using the default/temporary password. Please update it to something secure and store it somewhere. If you ever lose your password you can use the password reset link found on the login page, but this requires a valid email address on file. You can store one email address per adult member by clicking the edit icon next to their name on the account management screen.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any changes please contact us at webmaster@normandyparksharks.com.

We will be requiring member photos this year.  Please update your membership prior to opening day.  We will host office hours at the pool prior to opening day for you to bring your families to the pool to update your account if help is needed.  Details forthcoming.

Annual membership dues are due before April 1st, 2022.  Late fees will be assessed automatically beginning April 1, 2022.  If you have questions about your dues, please contact our treasurer at treasurer@normandyparksharks.com.

If you wish to sell your membership, please contact our membership coordinator at membership@normandyparksharks.com.

We look forward to seeing all of you in a few months at our favorite place to cool off and spend time with our friends!

Thank you!
NPSC Board of Directors

NPSC Members,

As we kick off the new year, we’re pleased to announce the new Board of Directors for the 2022 season. We are grateful for our outgoing board members and thank them for their dedication and service to NPSC.

The board has been focused on working through several priorities for the 2022 season. We are working on implementing a new membership software system to align our management of the pool more accurately, dues payment, email management and pool check-in process into one system rather than many manual processes. Please keep a look out on for an email in the coming weeks announcing more details.