General Rules

NPSC Manager has authority over the activities of all NPSC members and guests while visiting NPSC pool. This includes the authority to deny admittance or remove owners/ guests from the grounds. NPSC members and their guests must obey NPSC staff. 

NPSC staff reserves the right to deny admittance or restrict access to the pool and grounds, including the right to restrict unsupervised minors and their guests from using the facility without guardian supervision. 

NPSC members who demonstrate a pattern of behavior that is not in accordance with NPSC rules (including behavior of their guests) may be subject to consequences including: temporary loss of pool privileges or suspension of pool privileges. 

NPSC Board of Trustees reserve the right to suspend the membership privileges of any member or expel any member for conduct, including conduct of guests, considered to be contrary to the best interests of the Club, violation of the bylaws, or consistent violation of the rules of the Club. 

All persons using the facilities of the Club do so at their own risk. 

NPSC will not be responsible for any accident or injury or loss of property due to theft or misplacement.

Facility Rules

Inappropriate and/or dangerous behavior including, but not limited to, foul language, rough and excessive horseplay, running, shoving or dunking, unfriendly, or other conduct that is disrespectful or affects the safety and comfort of others is prohibited.

All NPSC members must check in at the office upon entry to NPSC pool. If members are at the facility prior to regular, open swim hours (such as for a team practice or lessons), they must return to the office and check in for open swim upon opening.

Any damage occurring to NPSC club property by NPSC members or their guests will be charged to the responsible member.

Only NPSC staff, approved snack shack volunteers, and Board Members are allowed in the pool office during normal operating hours.

Members and their guests must respect the opening and closing hours of the pool. NPSC members should start preparing to leave for the evening 15 minutes prior to closing. All members and guests will need to be out of the pool facility upon closing of the pool to ensure appropriate staffing of the facility.

NPSC members must clean up after themselves and their guests.  Costs for any excessive cleaning and damage occurring to NPSC club property, anywhere on the grounds, by NPSC members or their guests, will be charged to the responsible member.

Specifically, NPSC members must ensure that:

  1. The BBQs are properly cleaned after each use. This includes scraping the grill and removing excess food and drippings.
  2. NPSC provided grilling and cooking utensils must be properly cleaned onsite and returned to their proper place.
  3. Member items need to be removed from the cabana when not in use. Items left behind are at risk for being thrown out.
  4. When using a cabana sink, drains must be cleared of food and debris.
  5. Do not leave dishes in the sink.
  6. Tables must be cleared and wiped down after use.
  7. Garbage and recycling are placed in their appropriate container. Large amounts of garbage and recycling must be brought directly to the dumpsters in the parking lot.

Per Washington state law, no glass containers of any type are permitted on the pool grounds (WAC 246-260-131)

No smoking or use of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc.) or marijuana is allowed on NPSC grounds.

Alcoholic beverages must be kept in personal coolers.

All children under 10 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

Per WAC 246-260-131, parents/caregivers will monitor their children under 12 when using unguarded water features. Persons using unguarded water features do so at their own risk.

Members will respect the creek and surrounding habitat to protect and preserve its function as a salmon spawning location.

All members must follow posted rules when using the playground.

Children under 10 must be supervised by their caregiver while on play structure or rock at all times.

All children 6 and older must use the restroom of their gender. Caregivers wishing to support their swimmers over 6 may use the family restroom.

The use of cameras, video cameras, or any device containing camera equipment is prohibited in all locker rooms/restrooms.

No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters are allowed in these areas: locker rooms, deck, sport court, or lawn. Scooter parking is available under the stairs to the upper cabana. Bikes must be properly stored at the bike racks in the parking lot. Scooter and bike riders must enter and exit the pool parking lot with the direction of traffic.

No pets are allowed within NPSC fencing. Exceptions will be made for service animals.

Parking of any/all vehicles are only permitted in the marked spaces. Parking is not permitted on the driveways or near the dumpsters. 5-minute parking is reserved for drop offs and pick-ups only. Vehicles (to include any wheeled form of transportation) parked in the disabled parking spot must have appropriate signage.  Violation of these rules may result in a ticket and/or tow, without notification and at the owner’s expense  Additional limitations may be enforced during swim meet parking.

Pool Rules

All swimmers under the age of 12 must pass the swim test before swimming in the deep end of the pool unsupervised.

Parents or caregivers must supervise all children that have not passed the pool test.

At the discretion of the lifeguard or manager, a child may be required to retake the pool test at any time.

Non-swimmers must stay where they can comfortably stand with his or her head above water.

Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time and each person may only take one bounce before jumping into the water. The diver must wait until the previous diver has reached the side of the pool before diving and must proceed straight off the end of the board into the water.

No diving is permitted from the side of the pool in the shallow end.

Swim block use is only permitted during lessons and during swim team practice and events.

No running on deck. Spitting, water spouting, and nose blowing in the pool are prohibited.

A swimming suit must be worn in the pool and wading pool at all times.

During swim lessons a parent or approved caregiver must watch each child who has not passed the pool test.

No floatation devices of any kind are allowed in the pool, including, but not limited to lifejackets, “water wings”, floatation swimsuits, and wet or dry suits. If there is a medical condition, an exception may be made at the discretion of the pool manager. This will not be in effect during stated special events, such as Floats and Floaties.

Per Washington state law, all swimmers shall shower thoroughly before entering the pool (WAC 246-260-131)

Per Washington state law, any person who is not toilet-trained must wear an approved swim diaper. Disposable swim diapers are available in the office. (WAC 246-260-131)

Guest Policy 

NPSC members will meet guests at the front desk upon arrival at the facility. No guests will be allowed in the facility unless the NPSC member is present upon check in. 

All guests must leave when the NPSC member leaves the facility. 

Guest fees are $5 per person or one guest pass and are due upon check in. This fee applies to anyone who is not a member of the pool. (ie..grandparents, members from neighboring pools, guests not swimming)

Guests under 12 will be issued a wristband for easy lifeguard identification. 

Members aged 10-13, must have a caregiver present when checking a guest in.

NPSC members may bring up to 9 guests at one time without prior approval. To bring 10-20 guests, NPSC members must have manager approval consistent with the pool party policy. Groups with 20 or more guests require a full pool rental. 

NPSC members may not collectively combine the 9 guest allotment per family per day to create a pool party without following the pool party policy.

NPSC reserves the right to refuse guests based on the pool occupancy. 

A NPSC member’s guest may use the pool only up to two times per week. Caretakers (i.e. babysitters, nannies, grandparents) of NPSC member’s children do not need to pay the Guest fee only if they are bringing the children to lessons or swim/dive team practice. Caretakers pay the Guest fee during open swim. 

Members are ultimately responsible for their guests and their actions. NPSC manager reserves the right to remove any member’s guest at any time for behavior inconsistent with pool rules and policy without refund of the guest fee.

Rentals and Party Rules

Party reservations during pool hours: NPSC members must have prior authorization from the manager for 10-20 guests during open hours. 

Members may request reserved use of the picnic tables by the pickle ball court, the tables by the BBQs, the tables by the wader pool, or the tables next to the upper cabana. 

Pool parties during open hours are limited to only 20 non-members. All party guests must sign in on a separate party attendee list and leave when their party is over. 

Party duration will be established ahead of time with the manager. 

Members cannot combine separate parties to create an event of more than 20 non-members at a time during open hours.

Fee is $5.00/non-member guest or one guest pass. 

Private Pool Rentals Before/After Hours 

Morning (Saturday or Sunday only), 9-11 am or 10am-12pm with pool use from 10-11am and grounds use from 11am-12pm while the pool is used for member lap swim.

Evening, 9-11pm 

Private parties are responsible for leaving the pool facility and grounds clean after their event and will have access to NPSC dumpsters. Members leaving NPSC uncleaned after an event will be assessed a $50 cleaning fee.

Rates for private rental are based on an overall headcount (including both swimmers and non-swimmers) and are as follows:

Party Size Rental Rate
0-29 $75/hr + tax
30-59 $100/hr + tax
60-79 $150/hr + tax
80-100 $200/hr + tax

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